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Small Can Be Comfortable

When you hear the words “tiny house” what images come to mind? If you are a fan of the tiny house TV shows you might think of a doll house on wheels.

But living small does not need to be uncomfortable. ┬áSmall spaces need to be designed with their surroundings and their occupant in mind. A high ceiling with a lofted bedroom is an option for some but at 6’5″ I am not comfortable climbing into very many lofts.

What image comes to mind when you hear the word “cottage” or “cabin”? Maybe a bed and breakfast in New England or a snow covered mountain side in Colorado.


A small home needs to be comfortable. Have a comfortable place to relax and to rest.

A small home needs to have a comfortable place to bathe.

A small home needs a comfortable kitchen to prepare a meal.

White and brown interior for small kitchen with green elements

And the key to any small home is a comfortable space outdoors to stretch your legs and enjoy a sunset.Lounge chairs on deck at sunset

Building small can still be comfortable.

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