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Game Room / Bardominium

Updated 03/22/16 – What is a Bardominium? Imagine a plain looking donut, filled with a delicious fruit filling! It’s kinda’ like that, but different…..

Take an average looking barn or metal building and build a modern space inside. This particular project is an 800 sq/ft game room with 10 ft ceilings built inside an existing 40′ x 50′ detached metal building. The design includes an 11ft kitchen area and a 7′ x 7’6″ bathroom that the customer will complete later.

So let’s get started framing! Here is a view of the blank space with the first walls going up.


Doors and a window going in. The doors are recessed approx 10″ due to the metal building framing.



Plenty of insulation will keep the space comfortable during our hot summers, R19 in the walls and R30 in the ceiling.


Sheetrock – Ugh! But it’s starting to come together.



A beautiful gray Sherwin Williams paint going on the walls. The ceiling and trim will all be pure white.


Reclaimed barn wood door with a metal track. I built the door with wood from a barn on the property and I custom built the hangers and track in my shop.
{Read More About the Barn}

Photo Mar 23, 7 06 16 PM

Add some lights and furnishings and a huge TV and this space is almost ready. A few finishing touches are still going on: the surround sound system has been wired and should be installed soon.  And a multi-zone mini-split A/C system is going in.

Photo Mar 21, 9 03 36 PM

How can you have  game room without a pool table?

Photo Mar 21, 9 02 18 PM

And did you notice the floors? This is stained concrete! The original concrete was finished with a black and pewter stain with a high gloss finish. Gorgeous……..

Photo Mar 21, 9 02 51 PM

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A Roof & A House

I love the idea of a metal roof over the top of a house and the house built underneath! A roof that extends beyond the perimeter of the house. A roof that protects from the rain and hot South Texas sun.


Recently I began drawing up several simple buildings with flat tops. I refer to them as my Flat Top Box homes. The idea is a series of simple boxes that can be arranged in multiple configurations to form a home, large or small. The top of the box is weather proof but not intended to be placed directly in the elements. Instead the boxes are assembled under a free standing metal roof to allow ventilation and protection. The design is not new. Double roofs have been around in hot climates for centuries.

The metal roof and supporting structure can be built in as little as a day and provides a dry and protected build site. And by designing using traditional stick frame construction for the living spaces assembly is quick and can be accomplished with off the shelf materials from any lumber yard.

I searched far and wide for similar structures and only found a few examples. I am still looking for the locations of the buildings below but the pictures represent the concept. And with some trim and paint the roof structure, while very industrial, could blend into the design of the house or be left raw and unfinished to stand out as in these images.


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