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If This Barn Could Talk!

Every so often a project that is really exciting comes along. Our Barndomimum/Game Room project is in need of some country character and finishing details. The customer just happens to have an old barn on the property that he thought we might be able to salvage some wood from. There is more than just “a little” wood to work with. Take a look at the gold mine we discovered today!

Notice the old chicken coops and feed barn in the background. The noise of traffic can still be heard in the distance but it feels like I have stepped back in time and am miles from any city.

Full length 1 inch thick planks surround the exterior.

Let’s go inside and see what we have to work with.



Is that a stairway to Heaven?

Looking down from the Hay Loft. Look at all the shiplap planks. Full 1 inch thick by 8 inches wide.

How many storms have those rafters withstood?

It’s time to get to work and see if we can save some of this beautiful old wood. Thanks for the hard work today Cody.

Treasures and memories are in every corner.

Another view of the upper and lower decks in the hay loft.

How long since you have seen 1″ thick planks that are over 20 feet long? We took out a few sample boards today.

And the color is gorgeous! The board on the left is still covered with years of dirt and grim. The board on the right has only been cleaned with a little water, a clean towel and some elbow grease.

My helper asked what was wrong because of how excited I was. Some great material was uncovered today and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my customers current project. No telling where this material might be used in the future, but you can be guaranteed that as much as possible will be recycled and reused.

Keep following along for future updates. You never know what we might be doing tomorrow!

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