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Addition or Accessory Dwelling?

Have you found yourself in need of more space? Maybe a growing family, an aging loved one or the need for a home office has prompted you to look at your options. When faced with the need for more space most people think of adding on to their existing home. Additions are a good option if they fit the design of the home. Additions can help improve resale value and add to the overall flow and function of your home. But additions require a good design to keep from disrupting the existing features as well.

Have you considered adding an accessory dwelling? Rural properties have very few limitations regarding additions but more and more city codes are allowing a second living structure to be built on existing lots.  A properly planned and designed accessory dwelling can increase your overall value of your property and allow a multitude of options for your future.


A detached game room can double as an office if you work from home. The same space an be used as a guest house for friends and family or even be used as an apartment for a child while attending college. The addition of a finished apartment can provide living space for a parent or loved one and become a rental unit in the future.

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Planning a space to be functional for today’s needs and flexible for tomorrow can add value to your life for years to come.

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