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Why I build with Zip systems!

Have you ever seen a building with GREEN Walls and wondered what it is? It’s a wall system that is made of OSB (oriented strand board) that includes a moisture barrier. No more house wrap blowing around in the wind or getting torn.

Photo Oct 20, 4 25 25 PM

I first used Zip Systems sheathing on my own house approx 8 years ago. After leaving a few pieces in the scrap pile exposed to the weather for several months I noticed that they still looked good. The material was weathered but it wasn’t coming apart like normal OSB. The product was holding together very well for being left completely exposed to the elements.

So when I started C3 Contracting in April my local lumber yard didn’t stock Zip Systems. So I built with regular OSB sheathing and applied Tyvek wrap to the project. What a pain! And the sheathing just wasn’t very good quality. Even with a sharp saw blade the cuts weren’t clean and any material exposed to rain quickly started to peel and swell. So I ordered some Zip for the 12×24 workshop you see above and the product quality is better than I remember. The sheets are very dense and cut cleanly. And edges that were exposed to our recent rains held up extremely well. The photo above is before the tape sealing the seams has been applied but given my personal experience I’m not worried of a little rain before the project gets tape and siding applied.

I want my customers to have the advantage of the best quality materials available, even on small projects. Click Here to learn more about the product or send me an email with any questions.
Kevin C.