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12 x 24 Shed, House, Workshop?

24 ft long, 12 ft deep and over 10 ft interior ceilings.

This particular project required a backyard building that could be used for storage as well as a workshop. The customer also wanted high ceilings so a loft could be incorporated for additional storage. And maybe someday this space could even become a guest house.

When building 10 ft high walls I always start with  2 x 6 lumber rather that 2 x 4’s, and we build on 16″ centers for superior strength.

Photo Oct 08, 3 41 20 PM

After framing we covered the structure with Zip Systems OSB sheathing and to get ready for siding. Click Here to read more about why I choose Zip Systems.

Photo Oct 20, 4 25 25 PM
Photo Oct 20, 4 26 08 PM

And after adding the windows and doors the loft was built and added over 100 sq/ft of additional storage space and still maintained 7 ft of clearance below.

Photo Oct 30, 6 00 38 PM

You might notice the roof design changed before construction began. The owner wanted a traditional gable roof that matched other buildings on the property, rather than the shed roof originally planned.

The exterior and roof are covered in commercial grade galvalume steel panels with a 20 year limited warranty and the windows and door are trimmed in rough cedar. The result is a very low maintenance building that is built to last for a very long time.

Photo Nov 17, 10 32 49 PM

Photo Nov 16, 11 48 42 AM

Photo Nov 16, 11 47 40 AM

Over 250 sq/ft of interior floor space and 100+ sq/ft storage loft. This building starts at only $8499. Let’s get started on your project!

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