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Month: November 2015

12 x 24 Shed, House, Workshop?

24 ft long, 12 ft deep and over 10 ft interior ceilings.

This particular project required a backyard building that could be used for storage as well as a workshop. The customer also wanted high ceilings so a loft could be incorporated for additional storage. And maybe someday this space could even become a guest house.

When building 10 ft high walls I always start with ¬†2 x 6 lumber rather that 2 x 4’s, and we build on 16″ centers for superior strength.

Photo Oct 08, 3 41 20 PM

After framing we covered the structure with Zip Systems OSB sheathing and to get ready for siding. Click Here to read more about why I choose Zip Systems.

Photo Oct 20, 4 25 25 PM
Photo Oct 20, 4 26 08 PM

And after adding the windows and doors the loft was built and added over 100 sq/ft of additional storage space and still maintained 7 ft of clearance below.

Photo Oct 30, 6 00 38 PM

You might notice the roof design changed before construction began. The owner wanted a traditional gable roof that matched other buildings on the property, rather than the shed roof originally planned.

The exterior and roof are covered in commercial grade galvalume steel panels with a 20 year limited warranty and the windows and door are trimmed in rough cedar. The result is a very low maintenance building that is built to last for a very long time.

Photo Nov 17, 10 32 49 PM

Photo Nov 16, 11 48 42 AM

Photo Nov 16, 11 47 40 AM

Over 250 sq/ft of interior floor space and 100+ sq/ft storage loft. This building starts at only $8499. Let’s get started on your project!

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A Playhouse for Christmas?


Is it ¬†time to upgrade your child’s Playhouse? With Christmas just around the corner there are still a few weeks left to plan the perfect gift!

Let us design and build a Christmas surprise for you son or daughter. Maybe Grandmas’ house needs a new play space.playhouse_green

Or maybe a little space in the trees might make some new memories of cousins spending the night in the backyard.

house on tree in evening garden

Send me your ideas and let’s get creative and surprise someone for Christmas.

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Why I build with Zip systems!

Have you ever seen a building with GREEN Walls and wondered what it is? It’s a wall system that is made of OSB (oriented strand board) that includes a moisture barrier. No more house wrap blowing around in the wind or getting torn.

Photo Oct 20, 4 25 25 PM

I first used Zip Systems sheathing on my own house approx 8 years ago. After leaving a few pieces in the scrap pile exposed to the weather for several months I noticed that they still looked good. The material was weathered but it wasn’t coming apart like normal OSB. The product was holding together very well for being left completely exposed to the elements.

So when I started C3 Contracting in April my local lumber yard didn’t stock Zip Systems. So I built with regular OSB sheathing and applied Tyvek wrap to the project. What a pain! And the sheathing just wasn’t very good quality. Even with a sharp saw blade the cuts weren’t clean and any material exposed to rain quickly started to peel and swell. So I ordered some Zip for the 12×24 workshop you see above and the product quality is better than I remember. The sheets are very dense and cut cleanly. And edges that were exposed to our recent rains held up extremely well. The photo above is before the tape sealing the seams has been applied but given my personal experience I’m not worried of a little rain before the project gets tape and siding applied.

I want my customers to have the advantage of the best quality materials available, even on small projects. Click Here to learn more about the product or send me an email with any questions.
Kevin C.