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Month: October 2015

Hacienda – Flooring Complete

Here are some updated pics of “the Hacienda”. The vinyl plank flooring is finished. The temporary blocks under the deck are being replaced with the permanent footings and the decking is going down. The kitchen cabinets are in and it’s time for the trim and back-splash. ¬†Bathroom to follow next week.

Photo Oct 12, 3 46 42 PM
The bunk-bed wall goes here!

Photo Oct 12, 3 47 00 PM
Kitchen cabinets with concrete counter top.

Photo Sep 29, 12 37 16 PM
Stucco finish concrete siding.

Photo Sep 29, 12 37 04 PM
Main stairs will go here. Maybe some stone steps or rustic metal hand rails.


School Cafeteria Remodel

Summer kept us busy remodeling a school cafeteria. The Central Texas campus shown below had been remodeled at least two previous times in it’s history. The cafeteria currently serves approx 80 students a day at an alternative campus for computer based learning. The kitchen also does double duty to serve the training center and board room used for teacher education programs and school board meetings. So it was time for a face lift and some new equipment!

Photo Apr 08, 11 57 19 AM
No serving line and over-sized equipment.

Photo Apr 08, 11 58 24 AM
Outdated and inefficient dish washer.

Photo Jun 01, 1 56 51 PM
Everything must go! Sections of this wall were removed for better traffic flow around the kitchen.

Photo Jul 09, 1 27 50 PM
Non-slip rubber flooring by Eco-Grip and new white FRP walls. Time for some trim.

Photo Jul 31, 9 51 01 PM
Here is the view from the new entrance. The serving line  equipment is being unwrapped for startup .

Photo Jul 31, 9 51 23 PM
And the updated cooking line view, with the new dish room in the background, as the final cleanup was being done.

This project took approx 60 days to plan and stage the equipment and contractors and approx 8 weeks from move out day until completion.

I’ll try to get some “action” shots from the school district since they have been using it since the end of August.

Thanks for looking –

Kevin C – the C3 company


Walk-in Freezer Ramp

One of our commercial customers needed to replace the ramp for their walk-in freezer. The existing ramp was to steep and was starting to come apart from moving heavy loads of frozen food in and out every day.

Photo Oct 01, 1 12 11 PM
Old Ramp needing replacement.

So we built a solid wooded base covered in aluminum diamond tread plate (concrete was not an option) and lengthened the ramp to 6 1/2 feet. The gentle slope was much easier to roll product down.

Photo Oct 02, 12 23 02 PM

And the safety rails along the sides prevent the pallet jack from rolling off the edge before reaching the smooth warehouse floor.

And another satisfied customer!

Kevin C – the C3 company……….