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Hot Water Everywhere!


Maybe that’s an exaggeration but I noticed some water by the utility room door and discovered my old hot water heater had sprung a leak. The old utility room already had water damage from a leak in the upstairs bathroom and you can see most of the dry wall had already been removed. I was planning on moving the hot water heater to the new utility room anyway, just not today! So I made a quick trip to Home Depot for a nice 50 gallon unit by Rheem. The new utility room is on the back of the house so if there are any future water leaks they are not in the main house. The main electrical panel is also in the utility room (on the opposite wall) so running the new electrical was easy.  It only took about 15 feet of #10 MC cable and a new 30 amp breaker.

The water line enters the house in the utility room and I ran all the new plumbing in flexible tubing (PEX) so I installed a tee in the cold and hot water lines and connected them to the new water heater and we were in business. I used crimp on fittings at the water heater connections and SeaTech slip fittings to tie into the existing water lines.


Back inside I double checked to make sure the power was turned off to the old unit and removed the wiring. Since the dry wall was already removed, I was able to cut out all the old wiring and remove the breaker from the sub panel. Then I disconnected and capped the old water lines and hauled out the old water heater.

IMG_2168All in all it took about 3 1/2 hours, not including the drive to home depot.  A little bit of cleanup and once the space dries out I’m ready to begin replacing the dry wall, unless something else goes wrong!

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